Week 2

Nanodiamonds and the Art of Cancer Treatment

This week’s topic on nanodiamonds (NDs) and their role in cancer treatment was incredibly fascinating. Mick Lorusso introduced the class to not only the scientific characteristics of nanodiamonds, but also to alternative treatments to cancer such as meditation and visualizing healthy cells, both of which focus on the main theme for the class—art in action of treatment. Nanodiamonds are currently being tested and administered for not only their medical capabilities, but for other practical uses as well.

Animal Heartbeats Electormagnatic signals and Factory Farming

According to the Heartmath Institute, the heart not only generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, but encoded in our heartbeats (or rather the space in between beats) are our emotions.   These emotions, which are registered in the heart, are then signaled to the brain and therefore impact a person or body’s ability to think clearly.  As you might have suspected, according to the Heartmath Institute anyway, happiness and upbeat emotional states produce the best environment for your mind to think clearly.  All pretty interesting stuff but thus far kin

Chickens: What Are We Really Eating?

I had never done any research on genetically modified organisms so I decided to do some research on chicken and their relationship to GMOs and biotechnology. According to my research, there are no genetically engineered chicken that are sold for human consumption. However, the controversy lies in the diet of the farmed chicken that are sold for our consumption. Chickens are being fed GMO foods in addition to steroids to raise bigger chickens faster. People are then concerned with the question that if chicken eat steroids and GM foods, does it affect our health when we eat these chickens?

College Dorm Food and Eating Habits

As a second-year UCLA student that still lives in the college dorms, my source of nutrition is dictated by what is available to me on campus. While the healthiest option would be to go to the buffet dining halls every meal to get my full range of food groups, my busy schedule and laziness result in frequent trips to the take-out "fast food" restaurants. In particular, I visit Rendezvous cafe at least once daily on the weekdays (no exaggeration).

The Food We've been Eating isn't What it Seems.

I have been trying to be meticulous of what I eat by eating more vegetables and choosing brown rice. However, after watching “Nova: Harvest of Fear”, I realized that I haven't been as careful as I thought! It really is scary because many, as depicted in the video, don't even realize that they have been eating genetically modified food. I, for one, definitely have been clueless. I knew about Monsanto and the despicable actions they do to the farmers to increase their profit.



As I try to increase my consciousness of the foods I intake, I find myself turning to a more vegan diet.  The video by Mark Bittman titled, "What's Wrong With What We Eat," found below, discusses the importance of using less animal products in order to decrease the destruction of the environment.  

Yummy in my Tummy

So in preparation for this blog, I documented all the food I've had for the day. I live in an apartment and only go home during breaks, if even that. So I basically survive on my own cooking and restaurants. The latter is much less prevalent as I am the typical broke college student surviving on financial aid and the stipend I receive for research.

Goats with Super Powers

I have always been a fan of genetically modified organisms.  I have heard of the ethical issues and their possible negative effects but that still doesn't deter me from supporting the pursuit of experimentation at the genetic level.  In the past I had heard of genetically modified goats being used to produce new things within their milk and for this assignment I decided to delve further into that one interesting discovery channel show that I half paid attention to.


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